Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots at Playmillion

Playmillion has unveiled its brand new lineup of promotions and most of them started at the beginning of the month and will conclude on October 31.

The guaranteed bingo jackpots now apply to all sorts of games, ranging from the popular 75 bingo games to the 90 ball version.

Every single week, the luckiest players are going to walk away with a prize out of a guaranteed prize pool exceeding €200,000.

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Is a lot of money by any standards and there are not that many opportunities for bingo players to compete for such a sizable paycheck. New bingo rooms were introduced over the last couple of weeks and they will stay open throughout October. This means that those who already have a favorite place where they prefer to purchase tickets and wait for the outcome, don’t need to make any changes in their routine.

The jackpots can go as high up as €250, so this is the maximum amount that one can collect as a result of unlocking the winning combination.

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A minimum investment of at least five cents is sufficient to embark on this epic quest and the daily guaranteed jackpot will run throughout October. Keep in mind that the window of opportunity is pretty narrow and participants have between five and 10 minutes to jump on the bandwagon, each day from 8:00 to 13:00.

One great thing about these paychecks is that the money is not subject wagering requirements and instead is credited to your account as cashable amount. There are plenty of reasons for why bingo fans would linger and use these funds to purchase more tickets.

The games are fun and can trigger more winning combinations, so the newfound fortune can be put to good use to freeroll this October.

Meanwhile, there are plenty who prefer to withdraw their profits immediately and enjoy the money in real life. Playmillion fully understands this basic human needs and that’s why it decided not to add unnecessary restrictions to the money won by players.

You only need to be lucky ones to win the paycheck and it is entirely up to you to decide what to do next with this boon. There are other promos that run in parallel and they are not mutually exclusive, so players can participate in several simultaneously

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