Maria Casino showcases technological improvements

Maria Casino has always tried to stay ahead of the curve and in order to keep players happy, they the their very best to revolutionize technology.

The advancements made are impressive on many levels and the online casino Vinnarum doesn’t hesitate to share it with the audience.

The research and markets department has proudly announced the changes made to their software and the expected results.


The global mobile gambling market is expanding constantly and the number of players is on the rise, with new milestones expected to be set by the end of 2015.

The projected growth is impressive and by 2019, the overwhelming majority of online casino players will be using smartphones or tablets. Maria Casino was one of the pioneers of mobile gambling and they introduce all the concepts and technologies that had the potential of convincing players to make the switch.

They are an active developer of mobile applications and cover all sorts of gambling activities, ranging from casino games, to lottery and specialty games. The sports betting section is also making full use of the advantages of mobile gaming and the unified wallet greatly simplifies the transfer of funds in either direction. The report for 2015 showcases the fact that many existing members decided to shift from traditional gaming to mobile games and the trend is irreversible.

Furthermore, when checking out the numbers involving women who participate in gambling activities this year, they speak for themselves. Two in three players are relying almost exclusively on mobile devices and they have no intention to start using desktop computers instead. It definitely helps that Maria Casino has all the games compatible with all sorts of gadgets, so players won’t have to make any compromises just for the sake of enjoying their favorite games.

With gambling being a huge source of revenue in multiple countries, the smartphone developers are factoring this game when producing new gadgets. There are still several countries where gambling online is prohibited and those who find themselves in these jurisdictions can find solutions around the law by using smartphones and tablets.

Maria Casino doesn’t encourage players to do anything outside the law and is only active in countries where gambling is allowed.

In fact, they go to great lengths to make sure they have all the licenses required to operate on the right side of the law. Maria Casino is also taking steps in preventing gambling addictions and has a coherent plan to help those who fall off the wagon.

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