To keep your eye on the prize

When people contemplate the possibility of playing poker over casino online, guts casino, Sky Vegas, Sunmaker.., they usually focus on the good things and tend to lose track of the disadvantages. Only by knowing both the pros and cons of opening a real money account and playing online, can someone hope to make an educated decision.

In the long run, it is extremely important to keep your eye on the prize and be fully aware of the numerous pitfalls that can hurt even the best players.

Overall, the number of reasons for making the transition from live poker to online gambling are in the player’s favor, but the disadvantages shouldn’t be neglected. Some of them have to do with the nature of the game, others depend on the manner in which the player sees the game and all of them need to be factored in.


The good news is that some of the shortcomings can be dealt with relatively easy, if you know what to expect and only a couple of them are truly insurmountable.

Addiction and excessively high expectations

The reason for why some players spend so much time playing poker is that they find it virtually impossible to put an end to a gaming session. While this is the result, the reasons behind the situation differ greatly, with addiction being just one side of the coin. It is a plague that affects many poker players, especially amateurs, who are far from making a steady income from playing the game. They find it to be truly immersive and the prospect of striking it rich one day clouds their judgment.

Equally potent and dangerous is the allure of making more money, something that affects marginally winning poker players. Those who finish slightly above the profitability line are sometimes making the error of assuming that if they play longer, they will win even more. While there is a link between the number of hours spent playing and the potential profits, fatigue can ruin your plans.

Less interaction, more tracking

One of the reasons for why players don’t enjoy spending time at virtual tables is that they don’t get the chance to see the ones they are competing against. The proverbial poker face has been virtually removed from this equation and those who use it to base their decisions on reading people, have fewer chances of emerging victorious. Interactions are also diminished and if you appreciated poker for its social nature, then online gambling is probably not the right thing for you.


Poker tracking software is now used extensively by professionals and amateurs alike, becoming the rule rather than the exception. They provide a lot of information and those who don’t use them are the clear this advantage when competing against players who rely on this data.

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