Visually gem Rainbow HD slot comes to Gowild

Gowild members are hooked to their products, most of the fact that the newly introduced slot machines use the latest technology advancements.

3-D graphics are now regarded as the standard in this industry, so it is only natural for developers to do is to use them on all their new products.

A high-definition graphics product is about to hit the stores and most of the online casinos are expected to introduce it is not so distant future.

The name is called rainbow HD, which is a doubt about the nature of the game is where the quality of its graphics. High definition animations and great animations will get players immersed into gaming atmosphere, but what matters most is the fact the winning combinations are just as numerous.


For five reel slot machine with 243 winning combinations, players need to prepare their stakes carefully because they are the ones that directly influence the potential payouts.

This slot machine is inspired by a legend that a pot of gold is waiting for a bit venture is at the end of the rainbow, hence the name of the video slot. You don’t need to put the story to the test, but instead can simply spin the reels of this game and see for yourself how much money can be won. There is not much of a story behind the game, so don’t expect to spend a lot of time dwelling on a narrative, because the slot machine is pretty straightforward.

Wild and scatter symbols are at the cornerstone of the winning combinations and free spins, with a four leaf clover the one to trigger the best paychecks. The symbol will has the ability to replace all the other symbols, so if they appear anywhere on the active pay line, the winning combinations are automatically increase.

The number of free spins differs greatly and their awarded completely randomly, so all players have the same chance to unlock them regardless of how much they wager.
It is particularly exciting to trigger the bonus game and when the special round begins, you are already a winner.

It is virtual it possible to leave empty-handed from this stage onward, but the difference between a small profit and a big paycheck can be significant. The best case scenario is to activate all the 50 free spins during this bonus round, because these can be triggered once again. At least in theory, you can play for free indefinitely, since these spins can go on and on.

During this stage of the game, players are invited to keep the dream alive and hunt for new prizes while keeping all the winnings so far. Rainbow HD is visually delightful its great colors are further enhanced by the superb soundtrack that will make you forget about playing the video slot. It is going to be a lot of fun spinning the reels of this new slot machine at Gowild and keep in mind that this is just one of the numerous titles released in 2015.

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